Women’s Transformational Coaching Programme with Horses

Is it time for you to start focusing on your goals and to make them happen? Do you want to unblock barriers to progress and achieve your potential – whether that’s in your career, your business, or your life in general?

Our Women’s Transformational Coaching Programme combines the focus and accountability achieved through coaching, with the self-awareness and deeper learning that comes through working with horses.

Why horses?

Horses are amazing partners who help you learn more about yourself and how you work effectively. They live in the present moment and have no agenda, therefore giving more effective and immediate feedback on the way you approach a situation than a human facilitator, taking your learning to a deeper level.

No riding is involved so no prior experience of horses is needed

Our facilitators are qualified coaches and Equine Facilitated practitioners, so you’ll leave the programme with clarity on your goals, having had time to unblock any barriers in the way, and an action plan which will work for you. Your follow-up coaching means that you stay focused and accountable which is proven to make you more successful.


  • Pre-work to focus on your goals, mindset, and self-belief
  • A day with the horses to deep dive on your goals, unlocking barriers, creating action plans
  • 1:1 coaching a month later to re-focus and follow up on progress

Group accountability check in after 6 months

Date: 29th September 2022 (the day with horses)

Cost: £400 for the 6-week programme

Group size max. 8

To enquire or book: contact claire@soar-development.co.uk. £100 deposit is required upon booking