Wellbeing and Resilience

At Soar Development we are passionate about Positive Psychology, and the benefits that can come from focusing on your mindset. We have a vast amount of experience in running training sessions on Positive Psychology and the links to wellbeing and resilience. These include aspects such as:

  • How to focus on what you can control – your reaction to a situation
  • Development of a Positive mindset, and research evidence on why it is important
  • The benefits of a strengths-based approach, how to identify and use your strengths effectively
  • How to reframe how we view situations, including times of change
  • Links between happiness and success, and how to consciously focus on development of happiness
  • Exploration of mindfulness, self-belief and development of wellbeing
  • How these together than help to develop our resilience

We regularly take part in CPD in this area to keep our knowledge up to date.

If you would like to discuss your needs in this area and how we can help, please email claire@soar-development.co.uk. Training sessions can be run face to face or online, and we offer a variety of length of workshops in this area.