Personal/Professional Development

Current courses in this area include:

  • Coaching Conversations – an understanding of the basics of coaching and how to use this approach to support others (i.e. peers, students, clients)
  • Chairing Meetings – how to effectively chair a meeting including behavioural strategies to manage the conversation, tips to keep the meeting on track and the groundwork to be done to help the meeting run smoothly
  • Career Development – helping to uncover what the next stage in your career is and develop strategies to help you get there

A Positive Psychology Approach

Life often has a habit of throwing all kinds of situations are way that are out of our control. The one thing we can control is our reaction to whatever comes our way. On a Positive Psychology course you will learn the essence of having a positive approach and the effect this can have on your goals, relationships and your wellbeing.

This course has been run in the past for managers, to help them to understand the importance of having a positive approach and how it can affect the motivation of their team. It has also been run for all staff as a way to understand how to take control of your life using a positive approach – and with lack of control largely related to workplace stress it is important for everyone to understand how and where they can take control back.