Team Building with Horses

A new approach to team development!

Do you need new ideas for team development days? Are you finding more traditional approaches have been experienced many times before? If so, why not consider a horse-led development day? This innovative approach helps get to the heart of challenges teams may be facing, creating long-lasting change and impact.

What are horse-led team development days?

Horse-led development days are a fully experiential learning experience, working alongside horses on ground-based activities. These activities assist with team development and cohesion through building trust and communication.

Why horses?

Horses are amazing partners who help you learn more about yourself and how you work together effectively. They live in the present moment and have no agenda, therefore giving more effective and immediate feedback on the way you approach a situation than a human facilitator, taking your learning to a deeper level.

No riding is involved so no prior experience of horses is needed

What are the benefits?

  • Team cohesion and effectiveness is improved through working together on elements such as communication, effective teamwork and leadership, exploring how to transfer this learning back to an office environment
  • Stepping out of the normal environment for a day to be together that will be remembered for years to come
  • Individuals develop their leadership, confidence and goal clarity
  • Horses are proven to lower cortisol levels, therefore reducing stress and improving wellbeing – coupled with being outdoors in the fresh air

What can I expect?

We can offer half or full day solutions to meet your requirements, and would work closely with you beforehand to discuss your needs so we can tailor the day to meet these. If a full day, lunch is provided, or refreshments on a half day.

The activities themselves involve working alongside horses to achieve a variety of team objectives, for example:

  • Leading a horse around a course to become aware of leadership style
  • Pairing with others on an activity to understand communication preferences
  • Reflecting on how we approach activities with the horses differently to identify our strengths
  • Team games with the horses for teamwork and fun!

Useful Information

The EFL sessions are at our partner facility in Glapthorn, Northamptonshire (PE8 5BJ). There is parking available on site, or we are 15 minutes in a taxi from Corby Train Station and 30 minutes from Peterborough Train Station.

No previous experience with horses is required as all sessions are run on the ground with full supervision from qualified experts in EFL and Horse Management. Participants lead and interact with horses but do not ride them.

All safety equipment is provided and participants are fully briefed on what to expect, with the options to opt-out of any activity they do not wish to take part in.

Ideal group size is up to 10 people, but if your group is larger than this we can discuss options with you.

To make an enquiry, a booking, or to arrange a no-obligation phone conversation, please contact Claire on