Musings/business lessons from the running track

I’m currently training for a half marathon. For anyone who has read my posts before, you’ll know this is a HUGE goal. In fact, so big that I never even considered it previously, the kind of thing that’s even bigger than any big running goal I ever had. 5 weeks into ‘proper’ training and 8 weeks to go until the big day. I’m learning lots about myself and also how to approach this kind of thing, and it’s applicable to life and business goals too so I wanted to share (running gives you lots of time to think!):

  1. I’ve enlisted the help of a professional. While I could just about get to 10k ‘making it up as I went along’, this felt like a different deal. I asked a personal trainer to draw me up a personalised plan based on my current ability and needs, and it’s been fantastic having the structure to follow, made me a lot more disciplined!
  2. I’m not doing it alone, there’s a group of us who are supporting each other, training together where we can, and helping with motivation. A support group is really important as 13 weeks is a long time to keep going (let alone the 13 miles on the day!)
  3. I know there’s no way I could run 13 miles right now, and I’m not even focusing on that. I can currently run 5 miles comfortably, and my plan focuses on a mile further each week for the long runs. What I do know is that right now I feel I could do 6 miles. And when I’ve done that, the focus will be on 7 miles. And so on…

In terms of business I’ve realised it’s much the same – get help where you need it, don’t be afraid to reach out as it’s a sign of strength and also commitment to the goal if you’re willing to invest in it. Get a support group round you – physically, virtually, however you can, surround yourself with people going through the same thing and who can keep you accountable as well as celebrating achievements. And don’t give up if the big goal feels impossible – I personally think if a goal is achievable right now it’s not a true goal – focus on the next step, keep going.

Right now I’m excited about the 9th October, not scared. And I’ll be so proud when I cross the finish line 🙂

What goals are you working on right now that you can approach in this way? I’d love to hear from you.

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