A New You?

2015-blogI’ve been thinking a lot in the last few days about what happens at this time of year. I was going to package my next coaching programme as ‘New Year, New You’ but it made me stop in my tracks as I realised it sends out the wrong message. So many of us make resolutions we never keep and maybe it’s because we have unrealistic expectations of the ‘change’ that’s needed.

Now, it’s not to say that I don’t like big goals, I LOVE big goals. I love goals which stretch you, which make you excited and scared at the same time, and which challenge you beyond belief. I think if we stay in our comfort zone we may never achieve what we are capable of. What struck me about the ‘New You’ problem was that it implied you need to be a different person to achieve what you want. Whereas actually most of the time you just need to just be the fabulous version of yourself (I love the advert for the vitamin supplement with the tagline “you, on a good day”, it’s just like that). You with a bit more confidence, with a bit more organisation, with a bit more knowledge on a certain thing…you get my drift.

So for 2015, focus on how you can be the fabulous version of you to help you achieve your goals. Do you need to outsource some of the things you hate so you can put more energy and passion into the things you enjoy? Do you need to learn how to do the thing you keep avoiding? Do you need to find a way to structure yourself that works for you, to get you more organised? Think about you when you are at your best, full of energy and achievements – how can you harness this and make it work for you more often? Hopefully you’ll see that you don’t need a new you, just a way to tap into the fabulous you.

Good luck!

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